Benefits and Result

3CEPS capitalizes on several, “Unique Value Propositions” that translate directly to significant commercial benefits.

Unsurpassed speed

99.99% (four nines) accuracy

Data security (data anonymity and confidentiality enabled)

Automating an existing manual process

Extreme cost justifications (staff, HR and ancillary related costs dramatically reduced)

Increased profitability by reducing core costs

A flexible, pay-per-transaction model enabling client cost control and forecasting

Over 80 electronic banking feeds analysed and pre-prepared for data treatments

Automation preparation for data migrations, data cleansing and data mining

Digitizing archived data

We map data to applications. We map data to databases.
We shape data before mapping to applications.

Not to be confused with yet another OCR company, we are data and applications’ mapping experts


3CEPS is an innovative software development house that has taken the costly, manual process of inputting large amounts of data presented in varying formats and automated it. We are data mapping experts. We have written and developed a unique software platform that simplifies the extraction of data from a document, whether a scanned image (i.e. tiff, gif, jpeg), pdf or electronic source (i.e. electronic banking flow).

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What our Clients say About Us

  • Michael Halsey, Managing Director
    “One of our trust officers would typically spend 8 hours on a 25 page pdf statement, inputting client transactions from it in to our private banking software. 3CEPS automated the process, which now takes just 7 minutes”.
    Michael Halsey, Managing Director
    Sackville Bank and Trust Company Limited
  • “3CEPS is the only company that has solved our data requirements. We were able to extract data from over 1.8 million archived documents and map that data to our financial software with 100% accuracy. We accomplished what was taking a team of over 70 staff, 10 months, in just under three weeks”.
    A well-known, large, European bank
  • “There are many solutions on offer claiming to solve our challenges. We tried several and not one of them has worked until now. We dramatically reduced costs and have been able to refocus our staff on their core jobs and roles”.
    Real Estate Company (Switzerland)