How the Pricing Works

To allow for scale and flexibility, the pricing model has been carefully designed to give the client control over expenditure and the ability to budget and forecast.

Low cost annual ‘right to use’ license fee

One time Data Treatment fee per data feed

Low monthly usage subscription fee (support subscription)

“Pay per transaction” fee (per month)

The primary consultative, discovery engagement allows 3CEPS to establish a baseline to be able to present a customised and tailored proposal. 3CEPS anticipates that worst case scenario, every organisation will benefit from a minimum of a 33% cost reduction.

We automate. We extract. We deliver.

We customize pricing to ensure you gain a cost and value benefit. For a private consultation contact us here.

Supported Formats

If you have a custom format Please contact us for more information.













We extract. We automate.

We map. We deliver.