Benefits and Result

3CEPS capitalizes on several, “Unique Value Propositions” that translate directly to significant commercial benefits.

Unsurpassed speed

99.99% (four nines) accuracy

Data security (data anonymity and confidentiality enabled)

Automating an existing manual process

Extreme cost justifications (staff, HR and ancillary related costs dramatically reduced)

Increased profitability by reducing core costs

A flexible, pay-per-transaction model enabling client cost control and forecasting

Over 80 electronic banking feeds analysed and pre-prepared for data treatments

Automation preparation for data migrations, data cleansing and data mining

Digitizing archived data

We extract. We automate.

We map. We deliver.


3CEPS is a software application that uses complex, ‘nextgen’, mathematical modelling and algorithms to solve what is essentially a simple, manual, process oriented, problem. It has been written to interact and integrate with any software a client might be using as its core platform. 3CEPS is designed to run on its own Linux infrastructure for data safety and confidentiality. The software can reside on client premises equipment or in a private data centre or in the public cloud.

Support for
all your file formats

Take the export for integration to other platforms and services





and many more...


The 3CEPS process has been formulated to shift the burden of work off a client’s staff and simplify what is a laborious and costly process. Each data feed requires its own treatment and analysis. Clients may present several types of formats, feeds or document types, each of which will require its own 3CEPS treatment. Each and every client has its own unique and specific requirements. We engage with a client on each project based on a seven step approach.

A full, consultative discovery process is undertaken to establish a baseline of what a client’s needs are. We ask questions on staff, costs, type of data requirements and where extracted data requires mapping to. Key to the discovery is defining with 100% clarity, the information the client is looking to extract and further determining, for cost proposal purposes, what is considered as a single unit (“transaction”). What is also paramount is that given the information is often confidential in nature that we understand what portions of any data (or transaction specific) need to be masked and therefore hidden.
We analyse the document or image to determine state, condition and the approach to capturing the exact data you require, accurately. An example is that with any scanned document, particularly coming from an archive facility, the original may have been subject to degradation. We analyse the types of obstacles we may encounter in order to allow for them during the conversion process. This may be hole punch marks, staples removed but leaving a mark, certain confidential information that must be masked, etc.
The results of the document analysis allow us to define the project and apply the 3CEPS treatment, conversion and extraction process (“treatment”). We take the image or captured document and filter it through 3CEPS, using what we term “boxing”, to mask out any sections or data that are not required or are confidential. The treatment process output results in the exact data being captured with 99.99% accuracy, in to an .xls or .txt or any format that is required for the client to ingest in to their core software application.
In conjunction with the client’s team and at the same time as the treatment process is applied in test mode, we ensure that the data extracted can then automatically map directly in to the client’s core software application, via a mid-point import file, at the accuracy rates we guarantee. The process therefore from start to finish is entirely automated.
Confirmation and Burn Test
Utilising our in-house R and D and test servers, we test the system under load and run a full, ‘mimicked’, production scenario to further assess accuracy, data capture and speed. The completion of this test leads to a full simulated test run with the client prior to an approval’s process being agreed upon.
Install to go-live
On acceptance of the finished and verified results of the treatment process, by the client, the software is then installed on to the client provided, Linux ready system for full production mode. A secure and direct remote connection is then enabled for 3CEPS to administer to and support the system software and capture metrics such as speed, number of processed transactions and overall performance data.
Support Mode
Go-live acceptance and wind up to full production activates the software support mode state immediately for issue escalation, ‘pay per transaction’ billing metrics and behind the scenes patching.


3CEPS is regarded as ‘disruptive software’, a current and relevant industry term, by virtue of its core function; to take a manual process and automate it with compelling accuracy.

Banks face shrinking profits yet increased pressure from shareholders to perform. 3CEPS delivers direct and guaranteed reductions to costs.

Staff costs are burgeoning and the costs of HR overhead are increasing. 3CEPS allows staff to be re-allocated and better focused on their roles.

Digitising archived documents is laborious and costly. Staffing, space, resources, all attract significant overhead. 3CEPS eliminates this by removing the reliance on the manual processes.

Data security and governance are current hot topics and the demand for integrity and strong data management is increasing. 3CEPS provides organisations with the foundation to effectively and efficiently comply with standards based data management policies.


Any company that requires data and metadata from any paper document, image or electronic feed has an appetite for 3CEPS. The target focus has been the banking community and financial services sectors however, 3CEPS can assist with any organisation, no matter the industry type.

The drivers behind a client’s requirements trends towards two primary reasons; data governance, requiring companies to securely store data in digital form and reporting. Big data is an insatiable beast that requires constant feeding for Business Intelligence and Analysis to be applied to it.